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JAPAN FUSA CO.,LTD, found GUANGZHOU joint venture company in 2017, and authorize GUANGZHOU FUSA LINER CO.,LTD to be the general distributor in China, in charge of all affairs there.

Japan Fusa Co., Ltd. is specialized in manufacturing engine cylinder liner, piston, piston ring, liner kit, gasket head, full set. We have world leading technology,high-strength and high-performance new materials and high-precision imported automatic machining line. With the aim of “Product Zero Defect, Customer Zero Complaint”, we have met strict Europe IV or above emission standard from world engine manufacturers.

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7th Floor,Yingfeng Building,No.1192 Mid Zhongshan Ave.Tianhe District,Guangzhou China


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Tianmao 3 Dingmu 2 Fan 2, Sugimoto, Tokyo